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The Stages of Home Buying

Tips For Choosing An Apartment In A Green Rental Community

Posted by on Mar 11, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Are you an eco-conscious person who wishes to live in a green rental community? If so, there are certain criteria you can look for when touring various apartment complexes. Review the following guide to learn how to easily identify the visible signs of green living that are usually present in environmentally friendly rental properties. 1. Water-Saving Appliances And Fixtures Did you know Canada has the second-highest water usage per capita in the world? According to Public Works and Government Services Canada, Canadians use approximately 326...

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6 Ways To Give Your New Apartment Some Color Without Painting The Walls

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If you’re like most apartment dwellers, your landlord probably doesn’t want you to paint the walls or make structural changes during the process of decorating. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make your new home pop with color! To create a vibrant living space no matter how big or small your new apartment for rent is, try your hand at one or more of these tips and tricks: Give the Walls Some Depth A great way to give the walls some depth without having to use paint is to implement wall-sized tapestries on them. To...

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What Recourse Do You Have If Your Apartment Is Unhabitable?

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Renting an apartment provides many advantages over ownership — flexibility, freedom from routine maintenance and repairs, and limited liability for injuries or damage that occurs on the property. However, if the landlord fails to properly maintain the unit, rendering it uninhabitable, renting can quickly go from a dream to a nightmare. Read on to learn about your legal options if your landlord is failing to perform needed repairs or maintenance to your apartment and your quality of life is suffering as a result. What are your...

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Minimizing The Emotional Impact Of Moving During The Holidays

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Moving to a new location can be emotionally taxing any time of the year, but changing locations during the holiday season can be particularly difficult. Not only do you have to deal with the cold weather and snow, you may also have to struggle with feelings of loneliness and longing, especially if you move far away from your family. Here are a few tips for reducing the emotional impact of moving during the holidays. Minimize The Stress Of Moving Stress in small doses is not harmful. In fact, it can be very beneficial under certain...

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Decorating Tips For Condo Renters—Adding Color & Space Without Permanency

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Condominiums are a wonderful place to live. You can rent your property without having to worry about the hassle of having a large home or yard to maintain. The small space can come with its challenges. If you are decorating, but your lack of space and ownership is a challenge, here are some tips for decorating a condo and making your space appear larger. Create an Entryway Most condos and apartments lack an entryway. When you walk in, you’re in the front room. Create an entry space for your guests. You can use a coat hanger or even a...

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3 Holiday Activities To Look Forward To When You Move To Canada

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Whether you seek a chic apartment in one of Toronto’s bustling neighborhoods or a temporary vacation retreat in a luxurious cottage on Prince Edward Island, you’re bound to enjoy the holiday season in Canada no matter where you live. Canada is one of the most festive holiday destinations to live, work and play in. Here are three must-see holiday activities and festivities to look forward to once you do move to the country to a place like Heathview Rental Centre. Find the Perfect Holiday Tree in Prince Edward Island Although Prince...

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Staging For A Sublet: What Your Pantry Needs To Make Your Apartment More Inviting

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Sometimes, even the best of intentions aren’t enough for you to be able to ride out your lease agreement. Whether you’re facing relocation for work or you’re moving in with your significant other, your landlord may not agree to let you out of your lease. If you need to sublet the apartment until the lease is up, you’ll want to take some time to stage it and make it look great for potential lessees looking for apartments for rent in your city. Of all the spaces in the apartment, make sure that you don’t overlook...

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Finding An Inexpensive Apartment That Fits Your Needs

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There are two separate forces at work when you are looking for apartments for rent in your city. The first is your needs as far as space and number of bedrooms, and the second is your budget. There is always a lower limit to what you can spend, but there are some things that you can keep in mind to ensure that you get the lowest price possible for your apartment. Know Your Legal Rights It is always good to know your legal rights as a tenant, but when you are going for a low budget space, it is even more important to separate the good...

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